Free Electronic Filing

No Charge

Our free electronic filing of your tax return minimizes errors and expedites your refund - and it's safe. Electronic filing is "green", saves time and gives you the peace of mind that your return has been filed and received on time.

Secure Encryption

Your tax return is encrypted for secure transmission via the internet to the Internal Revenue Service. When we file your return electronically, we receive an acceptance notice from the IRS within 24 hours.

Fast Refund

If you have direct deposit services, you can enjoy another benefit - receiving your tax refund much quicker, usually within two weeks.

Note that we file electronically, but we DO NOT participate in Refund Anticipation Loans, also known as "Rapid Refunds." These predatory loan programs, which often prey upon unsuspecting taxpayers, charge from 40% to 300% interest on the amount "refunded" by a loan!

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